This popular keynote describes structural changes in the economy, what to do about these changes, and why platforms always beat products.

One of a platform’s biggest challenges is determining what to open and what to close. Which of four different business models are better at growth through open innovation? Which are profitable? This talk provides answers.

Platform strategy differs fundamentally from product strategy. If you’re thinking using product strategy you are bound to get it wrong.  Barriers to entry shift instead to frictionless entry. Products have features but platforms have communities. This critical keynote gives you tools to understand why platform strategy beats product strategy every time.

Here we tell you how to solve the chicken-or-egg problem of creating a market when you don’t yet have critical mass.  We also tell you how to convert an existing product into a platform.

Learn different methods for making money when platforms often give things away for free. We developed some of the original math behind two-sided markets and our popular article has become a Harvard Business Review classic. This talk summarizes key ways to drive revenue.

Building successful platforms requires knowing what components are necessary.Where do you start? How do platforms go viral?  How do you engineer network effects? How do markets work? This speech teaches you how growth and matching are done properly.

Not everything platforms do is great for society. If badly behaved, they can spread fake news, promote discrimination, and deskill work. This speech describes how platforms can avoid such problems and how regulators should intervene when necessary.

The biggest firms in the world by market cap are platforms.  They tend to dominate in winner-take-all contexts.  How does the new antitrust differ from the old and what remedies are truly appropriate for creating social value?

Rules for creating value, dividing value, and settling conflict matter.  What levers should a platform leader pull in order to grow and manage a healthy ecosystem?  This speech presents years of analysis of major platform firms.



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