Amazing: @SlackHQ stock jumps on first trading day, company value tops $20 billion. #Platform business always beat product & pipe business! @InfoEcon @g2parker @sanguit @g2parker @pevans_c @NPR

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Fact checking doesn't work (the way you think it does) via @FullFact

"Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he's destroying is this God he's worshipping."

-- Hubert Reeves
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I dig this article. Transforming how business is done is exciting!!

#IBM Blockchain #TradeLens in the @HarvardBiz! Thanks @sanguit, @InfoEcon & @g2parker

Here's a short piece with @InfoEcon and @sanguit on the increasing digitization of logistics and how blockchains might help to increase transparency and coordination.

Looking forward to co-chairing the MIT Platform Strategy Summit @mit_ide with @InfoEcon @pevans_c July 12th. Event includes fireside chats w senior execs from Barclays, eBay, Facebook, and much more. Register at: #MITPlatforms

Brian Halligan ⁦ @HubSpot⁩ and ⁦ @amcafee@mit_ide talking about the surprise of how much leadership matters - working to attract talent with unique culture - competing for talent in 2019 means rethinking employee employer relationship - remote work is growing fast g2parker photo

Enjoying Brian Halligan ⁦ @HubSpot⁩ talking ⁦ @mit_ide⁩ about launching with 10x customer experience instead of 10x product/service performance. Says it’s much easier to replicate products than experiences g2parker photo

Many thanks to the participants and crowd for a great panel and discussion. The awareness of digital transformation and platforms is rapidly growing, especially in the B2B space. We could not have had such a nuanced conversation five years ago.
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MIT CIO Symposium @mitcio
Build solutions. Start by being useful and then look to scale. How do companies
Get Ready for The Platform Transition? Led by @g2parker with Dr. Markus Pertlwieser, @RyanMallory551, @mannulodhaa, @AndiKaraboutis

Enjoying @bironology @PTC @mitcio speaking about industrial companies adoption of digital technology and IoT. Early use cases prevalent in service and maintenance improvement was first step; uses now moving across the enterprise. g2parker photo