Welcome to Boston and Welcome to Platforms @BUQuestrom
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Christopher Tucci @cltucci
Marshall Van Alstyne @InfoEcon welcoming the attendees to kick off the #platformeconomics symposium @BUQuestrom !!

Honored to be part of an amazing team. Thank you @thinkers50
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Thinkers50 @thinkers50
We are thrilled to announce the business leaders shortlisted for the #Thinkers50 Digital Thinking Award in partnership with @Accenture:
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Truly honored to be considered for digital thinking among such a group at @thinkers50

Great follow on to the MIT Platform Summit

. @InfoEcon asks Elliot Schrage of @facebook “who owns the fact that we are friends?” While Michael Schrage quietly ponders the question
#mitplatforms #2MA @mit_ide
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Elliott Schrage ⁦of Facebook states that facts are public goods in response to question from ⁦ @InfoEcon⁩ on panel at #mitplatforms@mit_ide⁩ g2parker photo

Dirk Didascalou ⁦ @awscloud⁩ notes “we have a ton of failures” ⁦ @amazon⁩ ... we are willing to run experiments and learn. #mitplatforms@mit_ide⁩ g2parker photo

Dirk Didascalou ⁦ @mit_ide⁩ challenges the audience at #mitplatforms by claiming ⁦ @amazon⁩ ⁦ @awscloud⁩ is not a platform ... but of course they power many platforms g2parker photo

The afternoon sessions are up and running ⁦ @mit_ide⁩ #mitplatforms with ⁦ @InfoEcon⁩ and Meng Ye CTO of ZBJ talking about workplace platforms at massive scale (about 13 million users) g2parker photo

Nikki Palmer SVP of technology @verizon notes that 5G is here now- question of dividing value with tech firms is front and center. Looking more at partnerships instead of building inside. #mitplatforms @mit_ide #invertedfirm g2parker photo