US mobile internet prices more expensive than those across most of world
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Elena Neira @elenaneira
The price of mobile internet worldwide

Horrible. #NotreDame on Fire. Our hearts go out to our friends in France InfoEcon photo

Illustration of balkanization in US Congress since 1953-2013 For insight into why balkanization happens, see this 2005 paper written in 1997 @erikbryn

Network effects used to drive an IPO
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conor mcglynn @conor_mcglynn
Uber S-1 filing doc : "Our strategy is to create the largest network in each market so that we can have the greatest liquidity network effect, which we believe leads to a margin advantage." @InfoEcon @theplatformguy

Strong argument for data security due diligence before M&A. See @chiruchat and Daniel Sokol piece on #datalemons @HarvardHBS

Many thanks for sharing this, Kevin. Agreed that we're likely to see more calls. I hope the various regulatory bodies will take the necessary time to understand platform industries since they're quite different in structure and economics from traditional linear value chains.

Matthew Willey @goodofthehive paints bees to engage people in discussions about bees and food ecosystems as part of @MITSloan Enterprise Management global food supply Hackathon g2parker photo

A skeptic raises questions Lyft investors should ask around network effects, switching costs, and scale - see "Steer Clear Of Lyft's IPO" via @forbes

SoftBank continues to plow money into platform companies -- the latest is a $1.5 billion investment in Grab, the largest on-demand ride-hailing company in Southeast Asia. See: via @financialtimes

Enjoying @briansolis talking “Digital Darwinism” and the need to change personal processes in order to get anything done - meetings during the day and doing “real work” at night isn’t helping. @milestonesys g2parker photo